Cooperation and crowdfunding platform for local projects and events


Using Comeo, you can collect money and find partners and resources needed for your project.
Have a great idea? Want to collect money to make it real? It may be interesting for someone else. Any project may get better, when talented people work together!


Any object or skill which belongs to a person is considered as a resource in Comeo.
It is much easier to bring a project into reality, when besides money, you have access to all the required resources. When creating a project, you can specify demanded resources. Comeo will search for resources and will send their owners collaboration proposals.


Use Comeo to collect money needed to organize an event.

It is similar to crowdfunding campaign, but progress is defined by the number of visitors, not amount of money. If there is enough visitors, then event will happen, if not, those who paid will receive their money back. Comeo may help you to organize a workshop, exhibition, lesson, concert and much more.



Create transparent agreements to distribute money and resources among project participants.

Project participants can create shared agreements to see how collected resources should be used. This allows to see who gets what, how much of it, and why. Agreements can be edited using an easy to use visual tool. Distribution of resources is secured by blockchain technology and smart contracts, thus it is safe to use and trust this platform.

Open source

Comeo is a licensed open source project, everyone can see the code.

Feel free to contribute!
Check out the contribution guide and codebase principles.

Read more about technical details, upcoming features and and current status at GitHub.